Our tipis are individually handmade of natural materials and in the style of traditional north American tipis, but with refinements to best suit the British climate.

Black Dog Tipis offers the opportunity to either buy your own tipi made to your individual requirements, or to rent a tipi for a special occasion.


Our Yurts offer a bright, versatile space that will provide comfort and security whatever the weather!

The fantastic thing about these structures is that they will withstand anything that our temperamental British weather can throw at it. You will sleep peacefully come rain or shine.

Lotus Tents

These inspirational structures are 4 metres diameter and ideal for couples (or maybe three). They offer lots of space being almost 3 metres tall. Featuring 2 windows with blinds you can bring in lots of natural light while getting privacy in the evening.

Lotus tents are good for all events and are very easy to put up so they’re great to own as well as hire! Get in contact to find out pricing and more information.