About Black Dog Tipis

Black Dog Tipis is a well established Tipi company based in the West Country. Manufacturing, hiring and selling tipis has been a way of life for Francis Taylor for the last 18 years and, along with the Black Dog crew, the summers are spent on the road between festivals, weddings and a variety of events.

We work year round and, although the event services is mainly an April-October business for hire, we sell tipis and yurts year round, making them to order depending on the colour, size and furnishings you require.

Our clients include major  festivals such as Glastonbury, Kendal Calling and Wickerman as well as corporate hire, equestrian and motorsport events, and many individual clients who wish to add something a little different to a birthday party or wedding and so hire a tipi or three!

Our tipis are made with high quality canvass which is proofed against fire, rot and water. They are all handstitched in the North American tradition but adapted to cope with our less prairie-like conditions here in the UK!

The quality of our structures is very high and our crew have many years of experience, so we can offer the sort of guarantees about service level and customer service that you can only get with a very well motivated or a very expensive company. We manage to avoid being very expensive simply through our own experience, efficiencies and attention to detail!

About Tipis

Our tipis are based on a traditional North American design but importantly, they also incorporate some of the best modern technology available – not that you would know it to look at them. By this, we don’t mean they have Bose sound systems built in, nor do they come with a docking station as standard, but the treatments and technology we use to ensure they are weatherproof, mould resistant and durable make them quite state of the art.

Traditionally, tipis would have been made from buffalo hide stretched over long wooden poles and they could have accommodated up to 30-40 people for a seated meeting. The sort of wood used for the poles would have depended on what was available locally but was commonly pine as it grows very straight and strong.

In the UK, our tipis tend to be hired or bought as a spacious and luxurious alternative to either regular tents, or as a fresh air and liberated version of a B&B! We always provide a groundsheet and a matting floor as a bare minimum and from there on we can add any or all of the following;

  • Wall hangings
  • Door mats
  • Cotton/Wool rugs
  • Sheepskin rugs
  • Airbeds, pop-up beds
  • Bedding
  • Floor cushions
  • Tables
  • Lanterns and solar lights

This is our regular list of furnishings, but if you have any specific requirements then please do contact us!

About Francis

Black Dog Tipis was started by Francis, an ageing baby boomer and assisted by Alf, the omnipresent black dog.

Francis has had a varied path through life with occupations ranging from pig farmer and accountant to motorcycle racer.

He first found Tipis at Glastonbury Festival eighteen years ago and soon bought one but was soon determined to make his own. Well, one thing leads to another.

This led to making Tipis for friends, lending them for festivals and so it eventually became a business with no ambition for mass production. However the hire business rapidly boomed and quickly filled the summer months, expanding into a professional event services provider of both Tipis and Yurts.

Francis was soon joined by Tom and Fergus, and many other lovely folk to provide a happy and efficient crew. In recent years we have developed strong links with the North West and now have something of a second home in Cumbria.

Black Dog Tipis are based in the beautiful valleys and hills of East Devon, close to the sea near Lyme Regis.